Fox News Markets: ‘Pataka Market News’ Now Available on Amazon, Apple, Roku, Amazon Video, and Apple TV

Pataka is a new way to watch news, entertainment, sports and more in real-time via a cloud-based video app.

Here’s how to get started.

Pataka’s latest version, which launched on Thursday, is free and has a 30-day trial.

Its new video stream includes exclusive content from Fox News and Fox Business, along with exclusive interviews with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, and Fox News contributor Roger Ailes.

Pataka also includes a new, curated news section, including the first-ever feature-length documentary, The Pataka Effect.

Patakas latest video also includes live-streamed clips of the first day of the NBA All-Star Game, the first two months of the new MLB season, the Super Bowl, the Grammy Awards and more.

Patakas YouTube channel, Patakasi, is a curated YouTube channel that offers curated content curated by Fox News personalities.