Which NFL team is the most profitable?

It’s not a perfect measure, but it’s a good start, according to a new report from Bloomberg that looks at NFL revenue from its television rights deals.

It also breaks down how much each team earns from its ticket sales.

The results are interesting.

Here’s how the NFL does: The Seattle Seahawks have been the most lucrative franchise in the league.

They get about $20 million per season from their TV rights deals, according a Bloomberg analysis.

That’s the best-performing franchise in NFL history.

The Los Angeles Chargers are the most expensive, but they’re also the most successful.

They earn about $13 million per year from their rights deals — the second-best percentage.

The Cleveland Browns are second-most profitable, but the most popular team in the NFL, earning about $9 million per-year.

The San Diego Chargers are third, earning just over $7 million per game.

In all, the league’s average per-game earnings for all franchises is about $12.4 million.

That’s up from $11.9 million in 2016, according the analysis.

And the teams that are least profitable are the teams in the NFC West, which includes Arizona, Washington and the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers are second in the division at $10.4 per game, followed by the Arizona Cardinals, at $9.3.

The Denver Broncos are third at $8.5 per game — a huge jump from $6.8 per game in 2016.

Next up are the Seahawks, who rank as the fourth-most expensive franchise in football, earning $9,852,933 per season.

The New Orleans Saints are fifth at $6,965,936.

The Carolina Panthers are sixth at $5,539,931.

And next up is the Green Bay Packers, who ranked as the ninth-most valuable franchise in baseball, earning an average of $2,821,000 per year.

There’s also a slight edge for the Dallas Cowboys, who come in third at about $2.4 billion per year, and the New York Jets, who are sixth on the list at $1.6 billion.

For a league that is so big, the NFL has been able to keep many of its biggest franchises afloat with low-margin deals.

That helps keep the league competitive in an age when TV rights have gone from being a bargain to being a luxury.

A few other teams are making more money than they used to:The Atlanta Falcons are the fourth most profitable franchise in league history, earning a combined $25.7 million.

The Washington Redskins are second at $25 million.

Chicago is fifth, at about a billion per season, while New York City is eighth at about 1.4.

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