Google Fiber, Facebook’s Fiber, and Google Fiber’s future

By Michael SachterUpdated January 16, 2018 10:42:21Google Fiber is taking the internet by storm, and Facebook is eager to capitalize.

Now that Facebook has secured an investment from Google Fiber co-founder Anthony Wood and Facebook Chief Financial Officer David Murdock, it’s all but certain that the two will launch fiber-to-the-home service later this year.

“We’re really excited to see what Facebook’s doing with its fiber network,” Facebook CFO David Murdoch said during an investor conference call on Monday.

“I think it will be a great way to reach our customers and build a better network.”

The announcement came during Facebook’s annual investor call on Tuesday, when Murdoch shared that the social network is in the process of launching its own fiber-based broadband service.

“We are starting to roll out fiber to the home, which will provide the fastest speeds and the fastest data,” Murdoch added.

“It’s our goal to have a fully-fiber network by the end of 2018.”

The move to start building its own network could be an important step for Facebook as it strives to gain a foothold in the emerging gigabit-per-second market.

Facebook’s initial attempt at fiber was an experiment, with FiberNet in San Francisco and Fiber-to the Home in San Jose being the first cities to offer speeds of gigabit per second.

Fiber is the first type of broadband that can deliver a gigabit download and upload, which is significantly faster than existing technologies.

Facebook hopes that FiberNet and its competitors will allow it to extend its reach and expand its reach in the next few years.

“I think fiber has become the backbone of the internet, and we have to keep doing what we’re doing and build on that,” Murdock said.

“That’s really important to us.”

The two companies are in competition with each other, but Facebook’s own network has already delivered speeds of over 500Mbps.

Murdoch did not elaborate on the competition, but Murdoch reiterated that Facebook is “the best in the world” in the broadband arena.

“This will be the best network in the country,” Murdocke told investors.

“Our goal is to keep getting faster.”

While Murdoch confirmed that Fiber-based service is a possibility, he did not specify when Facebook might launch it.

“The technology that we’re building will be optimized for this,” he said.

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