Why do some players have the right to a raise?

The NFL is facing a crisis of legitimacy.

Its players have been locked in a protracted lockout since March and are in the midst of negotiations to extend their contracts through the end of the 2021 season.

They’re seeking a raise.

They want a piece of the action.

But what if you could buy one with a real paycheck?

That’s the question the NFLPA is now asking.

The NFLPA has announced it will not allow players to earn a guaranteed salary with an employer that doesn’t allow them to earn that kind of money through the franchise tag.

They are not asking for a raise or a bonus.

A franchise tag is a long-term contract for players that guarantees a team a minimum of $10 million a year for five years.

Teams can offer up to $100 million for the player and the player can receive a guaranteed signing bonus of $200,000.

While the NFL has a strong negotiating position with the league, the franchise tags are something that is not easy to sell.

It’s hard to find a player who is not willing to accept the franchise player option if he doesn’t feel he’s being paid as good as the franchise team, said a league source.

It’s also difficult to get a player to sign.

So why does the NFL want to give players that kind in the first place?

The NFL doesn’t want to let players go.

They’d like to give them more money than they’ve ever received.

The players don’t have much leverage because they are unsigned.

They don’t want the franchise, and that’s a big reason why the NFL wants to make sure that the players get a guaranteed, non-guaranteed salary.

But the players want to be paid.

And they want a raise, too.

What is the franchise or franchise tag?

A franchise is a league-owned team that is the owner of a team.

A team’s name is attached to the franchise.

In a franchise tag, the league assigns a player a number.

In theory, that number could be anything from the franchise number of the franchise to the player’s current salary.

It could also be a contract term, which is the amount of money a player earns in a given year.

The contract would be set at a certain salary level for the team’s entire life.

For example, if a player is signed for $1.5 million a season, the contract term would be four years and $21 million.

The franchise tag could also include a bonus for good performance.

In that case, the bonus is a year of guaranteed money.

So if a team has a player signed for six years, the deal term could be six years and a half.

If the player gets a contract extension worth $1 million a game, the $21.5M total contract term is $4.5m.

The player is guaranteed at least $4 million a month during the term of the deal.

That means the franchise is paying the player $5.5 to $7 million a week, depending on the team.

But the franchise does not have to pay players the same amount a year as the contract, so the player could be paid $10.5 a game for six more years.

This makes the franchise contract much more lucrative than a team’s traditional multiyear contract, which the NFL says is typically around $5 million to $6 million.

In other words, the NFL is allowing the franchise and the franchise’s players to make a profit if they’re willing to do so.

The team and players get to lock in a guaranteed contract for a long time.

They also get to keep the player under contract for an additional season, at least until the franchise expires.

The problem with this is that it’s hard for players to keep playing at the same level because they don’t get to negotiate for their next deal.

They’ve already signed their franchise contract, and they’re in the process of negotiating a new contract.

And that means that if the team decides to make an extension for a player, they’re likely to be getting more money a year than they could have received from the team, which means that the team has to pay the player more than they would have if they had kept him under contract.

This is why franchises tend to give bigger raises to players under the franchise system.

The franchise tag and the salary cap are both meant to allow teams to control how they spend money, and while they may not always work well in practice, they’ve become a major part of the NFL.

The cap and franchise tags have been in place since 2002, and both allow teams, teams-controlled by owners and owners-controlled teams, to spend more money.

In this era, the salary-cap is the most powerful tool in the league.

And it’s easy to see why.

The league has grown exponentially in the past decade.

It now has the most revenue-generating television contracts in the NFL, which

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