When you feel like it: Israeli traders are ‘proud’ to support Palestinian workers

When you want to be the next “Babylon 5” star, a group of Israeli traders is the only way you can get there.

The team, known as the Israel Market Association, is made up of about 100 people and boasts of selling items from food to medical supplies to shoes.

They are in a rare position: the group has an estimated market value of more than $4 million.

The association says it’s an international trade group, but its members are primarily Israelis who live and work in the West Bank.

“We’ve always had a strong and solid community of people who love and support our industry and the workers who are our customers,” said Mark Arosh, the association’s CEO.

Arosh says the group is a community that’s supported and cared for by its members.

He says the association is the largest and most active in the country.

“A lot of our members work in construction and construction services, we’re a major exporter of construction materials,” he said.

And they’re also a big draw for international buyers, too.

According to Arohs, the market is growing every year, from about 50 Israeli businesses to more than 400 new businesses, mostly based in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

And that’s why the association has been trying to build the next wave of Palestinian entrepreneurs.

It started a fund to provide grants for young Israelis and Israelis to study in the United States.

And it’s trying to bring Israeli entrepreneurs to Israel, too, Aro Shlomo said.

But the association says that even with all of these investments, there’s still a long way to go.

It’s looking to bring the Israeli market closer to the Palestinian market.

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