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article kpop star krystal,french singer krystle,funk star krysstal,pop star,krystal krysta sources ESPN Crave title How can you tell a French singer from a US rapper?

article French singer Krystal Krystal has been spotted at a fashion show in the US and is also seen wearing a hat with the slogan “It’s not who you know, it’s who you like”.

Krystal’s French label, Viva Paris, recently released a new video, which is in French, that was shown at the launch of their new line of clothing.

The VivaParis website claims the video was shot in Paris, which has been the backdrop for many of Krystal’s recent music videos.

Krysstal has also been seen wearing the same hat and wearing the word “Paris” as a shoutout to Paris.

The VivaFrench website describes Krystal as a “tremendous talent” and says she “has proven her world-class talents to be a true superstar, one of the most talented and versatile performers of her generation”.

“We are proud of her, and that we can continue to support her career and her work,” the VivaFrance website says.

“Krystel has a huge following, and her songs have been the main driving force behind Viva France.” 

Krysta is not the only one in the spotlight.

Viva Paris recently released an official statement saying: “Krysten is a truly talented singer who has already established herself as one of our industry’s most successful artists.

We are very excited about her career.”

ViviParis also says Krystal is a “star of France”.

However, many are not convinced.

French rapper and singer-songwriter Pierre Levesque recently said Krystal and her label Viva were making a big mistake by releasing the video in Paris.

“The reason they did it in Paris is because they thought that Paris was the most important place to perform, but it is not Paris, it is the US.

Paris is where the biggest stars are performing,” Levesques song, The Real Life of Krystle was recently leaked online.

“Kysstal is not French, she is French.”

Levesque also said that Krystal was not an American in any way, shape or form.

But some have questioned whether it’s true.

Several sources in France have spoken out against the Paris video and questioned why Krystal would be seen wearing her hat in the first place.

And some have suggested that it’s not the first time Krystal wears the hat in France.

“It is definitely the first hat in Paris that Krysta has worn in her career,” one French artist said.

However Krystal responded to some of the criticism.

“I don’t really care about people saying I’m French, I don’t care, I’m french, but I also know that when I’m in Paris I am a global star.

It’s my career,” she told French magazine BFMTV.

“If you have a hat, it will make people think that I am French.

It will also make people say I’m American.

But when I wear a hat it makes me French.”

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