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Hospitality marketing is booming, and that’s because consumers are more comfortable using the Internet to find, shop, and buy than ever before.

MarketWire, a market research firm, released its annual consumer sentiment study of consumer sentiment and activity in the U.S. last week.

The survey measured the overall sentiment of consumers in a range of topics from their purchasing habits to their financial outlook.

It found that sentiment was strongest among the young, with people ages 18-24 feeling most optimistic about their purchasing and spending habits.

But the survey also found that millennials are less optimistic about the economy than older generations.

According to the survey, millennials have been spending more and making more purchases in recent years than any other age group, including the baby boomer generation.

However, this survey showed that young adults also felt less confident about their economic situation than other generations.

While the U:S.

economy has continued to strengthen, this year’s results suggest that millennials may be the least confident in the economy as a whole, said MarketWire’s Jeff Wesselberg, co-founder and president of market research.

“The trend of more people spending money online and using the internet to make purchases may be helping to support a more confident sentiment,” he said.

“However, the data suggests that millennials also may be less confident in their economic position than older adults, as well.”

According to MarketWire, consumer spending is up 8% over the past year, fueled by consumer confidence and optimism.

However that’s down from a record high of nearly 16% in 2016.

“A recent report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch showed that the U-S.

consumer spending boom is largely a temporary one, with consumer spending likely to be on the rise again in 2017,” said Marketwire.

“While the economic outlook remains strong, we may see some slowing in consumer spending growth in the second half of the year, but not until after the holidays.”

As the U.:S.

economic outlook improves, the number of consumers that are confident about the country’s future has been growing.

The report showed that about 40% of Americans are confident in a strong economy, while 26% are confident that the economy will continue to grow and another 25% are not sure.

However, there is a significant drop off in the percentage of Americans that are optimistic about America’s future.

Only 15% of consumers are optimistic that the future of the U., their future jobs, and their retirement will be good.

Meanwhile, only 15% believe that their jobs will continue improving, while 56% are pessimistic about the future.

In addition to their positive outlooks, young adults are more optimistic about retirement.

They are now more optimistic than they were in 2016 about retirement than any previous year.

And they are optimistic in their outlook for the economy.

“They are also less confident than other millennials that they will be able to retire on their own in a safe and healthy manner, and more confident that they are able to save for retirement,” said Wessel, who is also co-chair of the research team.

“This optimism and optimism is helping to make up for a lot of the uncertainty that the young adults have been feeling about the health of the economy and the economy’s future,” he added.

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