How to spot the fake news

A new trend is spreading in the world of consumer finance: the fake.

It can be hard to tell if a story is a hoax or a scam.

But there’s an easy way to tell.

That’s to look for the words “fake.”

Many of the most popular fake stories on the internet are based on a simple truth: the United States is the biggest scammer in the universe.

A large share of those stories are simply wrong.

They tell you that American companies are the world’s largest scammer, that American taxpayers are footing the bill for their fraudulent schemes, that corporations like Walmart and Microsoft are the biggest winners of the economic recovery, and that China is the real world villain.

“I’ve never heard of Walmart or Microsoft,” says David Cramer, a former corporate lawyer who has researched the issue for years.

“But I do know that the majority of them are scams.

They’re not legitimate companies.

They have no business operating in the United Nations.”

Most fake news stories don’t offer any kind of evidence, or even a clear-cut case of fraud.

They offer no real solutions for Americans who have been saddled with high debt and a shrinking middle class.

And they often tell you how much money they make.

“The majority of people are in a bad place,” says Peter Kuller, president of the American Chamber of Commerce, an industry trade group.

“They’re making more money than they can afford.

They don’t have enough money to pay back their student loans.

They can’t afford a mortgage.

They feel like they’re not going to get a second chance at this.”

The real scam is much bigger than the stories.

It’s an insidious conspiracy designed to get you to believe that you are the victim of fraud or corporate greed, and to turn your frustration into entitlement.

The real goal is to make you believe you’re the one who needs to take more money from your paycheck to make ends meet.

To hear more about this topic, go to “What are the myths that make people believe that their taxes are high?” and watch “The real cost of a college education.”

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