Which cryptocurrency should you buy right now?

By JAMES GARLICKThe cryptocurrency market has taken a massive blow in 2017 as more and more investors have started to turn away from bitcoin.

The global economy was in turmoil for most of 2017 with a string of events including the global financial crisis, the US election and the election of President Donald Trump.

The price of bitcoin plunged to an all-time low of $14,973 in October and hit an all time high of $4,066 in December.

The market was also in turmoil in January as investors began to turn back to altcoins.

A lot of altcoins have been rising in price in recent months, particularly bitcoin, which is now up to $12,737, according to CoinMarketCap.

But that surge is not being driven by the fundamentals of the crypto market.

Rather, the price is being driven in part by speculation and hype.

In 2017, the cryptocurrency market was dominated by bitcoin and its altcoins, with the market price hovering around $5,000 per coin.

In December, bitcoin hit a record high of more than $11,000.

But that was before the election.

Investors began turning away from altcoins such as bitcoin and more people were buying bitcoin.

In January, the market crashed.

At the beginning of 2018, the total value of all cryptocurrencies rose from $1.6 trillion to $4.2 trillion.

That figure represents a 9.5% increase in the value of the cryptocurrency space, according the blockchain research firm CoinmarketCap.

That was enough to drive the price of altcoin up from $0.4 to $1,300 per coin by December.

Bitcoin’s market capitalisation now stands at $5.1 trillion, according CoinmarketCAP, compared to $3.9 trillion in January and $2.3 trillion in December 2017.

The total value also jumped from $3,619.6 billion in December to $567.9 billion in January, which equates to an 8.4% increase.

According to CoinmarketData, the combined market capitalization of all crypto currencies in 2018 was $3 trillion.

This is a big increase from the $1 trillion that existed in the market in December 2016.

It is also a massive increase from $500 billion in 2018.

According the research firm, bitcoin’s market cap in 2020 stood at $3 billion, while the combined value of bitcoin and altcoins stood at a little over $1 billion.

According CoinmarketMarketCap, the two cryptocurrencies have increased by $1 million each in the past five years.

This compares to a 10% rise in the total market capitalised value of cryptocurrency over the same period.

The rise in price of cryptocurrencies has led to an influx of investors into the space.

The amount of money pouring into the market is so large that it has forced some altcoins to lower their prices.

In January, bitcoin was down by around 80%, according to the research company Coinmarket, which led to bitcoin price drops across the board.

Bitcoin is now down by as much as 80% from its January high.

The price of ether and zcash, which were also popular altcoins last year, are also down by more than 80%.

It is hard to predict how the market will respond to this new market pressure.

But bitcoin is now trading at a price that has risen by about 40% from the lows of December 2017, according on CoinMarketMarketCap data.

Bitcoin was the most traded cryptocurrency in 2018, according an analysis by the research group Blockchain.

Data, but it is far from the only cryptocurrency to be on the rise.

A number of others are inching towards the top of the list of most traded cryptocurrencies.

The list below highlights the most widely traded cryptocurrencies in 2018:There are a number of alt coins which have surged in price this year, including Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

However, the altcoins that are the biggest drivers of the growth in cryptocurrency prices are not the most common.

These are:Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Ethereum Ether Ether is the first cryptocurrency to rise in value, and it has gained nearly 1,000% in the last year.

It also has the largest market cap of all cryptocurrency.

Zcash Zcash is the second cryptocurrency to jump to the top.

Zcash was launched in August 2017, and has surged by almost 5,000%.

Zcash is now worth over $8,000, according Blockchain.

The cryptocurrency has been on a hot streak in 2018 and is now valued at more than double the price that Ethereum was valued at just over a year ago.

Ether Ethereum has seen a rapid increase in value this year.

The cryptocurrency has surged to a record $20,000 in November, according a Coinmarketcap analysis.

Ethereum has also seen a significant rise in its market cap, as it is now a market capitalized more than twice the size of Bitcoin Cash, which has just over $5 million in market cap.