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Market analysts are warning investors not to fall for the notion that stocks are immune to a bull market.

The latest batch of data from the Dow Jones Industrial Average shows a dramatic rise in the share price of large companies over the past two weeks.

But while the market appears to be taking some hit from this new data, it’s not over yet.

Here are seven things you should know about the markets latest rally.


The bull market is real: The Dow Jones has gone from a record high of 16,824 in early March to a record low of 2,829 in the past 24 hours.

That’s a 52-week high for the index.

This rally was triggered by a strong economic recovery and the U.S. Federal Reserve’s announcement that it would keep interest rates low for the next two years, which many economists have long called a strong signal of a bull run.

In fact, a recent report by Goldman Sachs and others has put the stock market on track to be the biggest bull run since the Great Depression.


The U.K. is on the cusp of a recovery: The U