U.S. companies say China devalue yuan as they cut exports

The dollar has lost nearly 80% against its currency in the past two weeks, and many Chinese companies have stopped making payments to foreign customers because of the devaluation.

The drop has sent the yuan plummeting in value against the greenback.

But some U.A.E. companies, including some in the energy sector, are using a different strategy.

They are buying foreign currencies at a discount, in order to raise revenue in China, said Stephen S. Coyle, a strategist at J.P. Morgan Securities who follows the Chinese economy closely.

China devalued its currency against the dollar last month, and the country’s financial markets reacted to the move with a sharp fall in the dollar’s value.

The currency is now trading around 40 to 50% below its level on Sept. 30.

That makes it difficult for companies in China to borrow or spend abroad, and also makes it more difficult for U.G. companies to attract foreign customers.

The U.K. has been the biggest recipient of Chinese companies’ business, and its pound has lost about 10% of its value against a basket of currencies over the past week, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.

The government is trying to stem the yuan’s slide with measures to rein in speculation and the introduction of a central bank to limit the flow of capital.

But it also wants to encourage the economy to grow and invest, and to boost demand.

The country has been relying on imports from the United States, Japan and Germany for the bulk of its foreign direct investment and a large portion of its imports come from China, which accounts for about a quarter of global exports.

China has long depended on the United Kingdom to import raw materials for its factories and to make products, such as electronics and cars, that can be exported to the U.T. The country is also looking to cut tariffs on U.O. products, including cars.

The United States has been helping the U,T.

with export subsidies, and it has stepped up its involvement in the global economy, and is providing loans to help companies, the government said.

The move to curb speculation has had an impact on the U.,T., the economy, which has struggled to generate growth in the first half of the year.

But many of the companies it relies on to make its products have already been hit, and others may struggle to find new buyers.

The pound fell against the U.’s dollar by more than $1.15 against the yen on Friday after the U.-China Free Trade Agreement was announced.

The British pound rose against the euro and the dollar, while the Canadian dollar weakened.

The dollar fell to a two-year low against the Japanese yen against the Chinese yuan on Friday and to its lowest level since January.

The U.N. is set to hold an emergency meeting later on Friday to discuss the crisis in Ukraine.

The yuan’s strength has weighed on China’s currency, with the U-K.

buying more of its exports and imports from China.

The government has cut subsidies for exports and has allowed the government to restrict access to the Internet, but the yuan has also dropped against the Canadian and British currencies.

The Chinese government also has imposed taxes on some U.-K. exports.

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