Which Bitcoin markets are the hottest?

It’s been a hot week for bitcoin markets in the US and around the world.

The cryptocurrency market rose about $3 billion to $1,100 on Thursday, as the cryptocurrency craze gained steam.

The surge was fuelled by the price of a digital coin known as Ether rising above $2,000 in a short span of time.

But investors are now wary of buying Ether and other altcoins, and the value of those coins has dropped in recent weeks.

On Thursday, the dollar price of Ether fell about $2 to $5.11 an Ether.

Ether is now trading for about $11.35 per Ether.

On the other hand, the value per bitcoin fell by $20 to $6,000.

Bitcoin, which is often compared to gold, surged to $2.5 trillion in June.

And last week, bitcoin hit $9,800 on the New York Stock Exchange.

But with a surge in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many investors are wary of taking on the risk of paying a lot of money for them.

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