Israel to ban internet marketing: Report

An Israeli court has banned the advertising of online marketing services in the country, in an attempt to stop a major surge in internet advertising revenues.

The High Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that the ban violates the Israeli legal framework, and it will take effect on Thursday.

The ruling came after a legal challenge by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, an advocacy group.

The case centered on an Israeli website that posted advertisements for an online marketing service called “Etsy” that allowed consumers to bid on items.

It was based on an agreement between Etsy and a local advertising agency.

The ads appeared on the site in the hopes of attracting business and customers.

The court ruled that the advertisements violated an Israeli law that prohibits the marketing of products online, and also the laws of other countries that regulate the internet.

The court ordered the agency to stop advertising the service and its services, and ordered the ad agency to pay the legal costs incurred by the court.

The advertising campaign did not mention the legal proceedings or the legal cases against the company, and did not disclose any details about the product or its sale.

The advertising campaign was also not included in the site’s registration.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to the court’s decision, the law on advertising that is “intended to appeal to a public interest” and not to promote a product or service is “an unconstitutional restriction of freedom of expression and a violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.”

The law is not applicable to websites that offer a product for sale.

The ads on Etsy were placed in the company’s official advertising, but the court ruled they were also posted to other websites.

“The advertisements on the company website were not intended to appeal the ruling or the decision of the High Court,” the court wrote.

The ruling came less than a month after a similar ruling that allowed online advertising to continue in Israel.

The law on online advertising that was enacted last year has faced criticism for being vague, and the court found that the law is insufficient to prevent a rise in advertising revenues in the Internet age.

The High Court, however, said that it could take action against the law in future if it found that it violates the rights of others.

The decision has raised concerns about how the advertising market will evolve over the next year or two.

The ban will likely be challenged in the Supreme Court, where justices will consider whether the law violates the right to privacy.

The Israeli advertising agency, AdSight, did not return a request seeking comment.

The Electronic Privacy Data Center, which has lobbied to end the ban on online ad campaigns, is a nonprofit research group that seeks to protect online privacy and freedom of speech.