How to watch kpop music videos with a smartphone

If you’re into kpop, the world of music videos and music is a pretty good place to be.

This article has been compiled from a wide range of sources, and the information is sourced from news sites and video sites that have been around since at least 2012.

The articles we’re linking to are either based on their content or on sources listed in the article, so if you spot a source that is incorrect or doesn’t meet our standards, please let us know so we can correct it.1.

Google Play Music2.

YouTube Music (now YouTube Red)3.

Spotify (now Apple Music)4.

Apple Music Premium5.

Amazon Music (or Spotify Premium)6.

Apple Podcasts (or the Spotify Radio app)7.

Google Music8.

Google Drive9.

TuneIn Radio10.

YouTube Playlists11.

YouTube Movies (or Netflix Movies)12.

Spotify Premium13.

Apple TV (or Apple TV Stick)14.

Google Home (or Google Home Mini)15.

Apple Watch (or watchOS 3)16.

Google Android (or Android Wear)17.

Samsung Smart TV (Samsung smart TVs, etc.)18.

Amazon Echo19.

Apple AirPods20.

Amazon FireTV21.

Samsung S6+ (or Samsung S7+ or S7 Edge)22.

Roku (or Roku Mini)23.


Xbox Live Games (or Xbox Live Arcade)25.

Spotify Prime26.

Apple Home (Apple TV, Apple TV Mini, etc)27.

Amazon Prime Music (Amazon Prime Music, etc).28.

Google TV (TV-out)29.

Google Docs (documentary, news, etc…)30.

Google Hangouts (Facebook Messenger, etc..)31.

Netflix (Netflix Instant, etc.).32.

Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo, etc…)33.

Google Assistant (Google Home, Google Home Pro, Google Assistant)34.

YouTube Red (YouTube Red)35.

YouTube Gaming (YouTube Gaming, etc…)36.

Spotify Unlimited (Spotify Premium, etc….)37.

Amazon Chromecast (Amazon Chromecast, etc.), Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast Stick, etc….38.

Google Cast (Google Cast, etc)…39.

Apple Remote (Apple Remote, etc…..)40.

Spotify Free (, Spotify)41.

Google Shopping (,, etc., etc…)42.

Netflix Red (Netflix Red, etc …)43.

Google Maps (Google Maps, etc, etc!)44.

Amazon Pay (Amazon Pay, etc…….)45.

Apple Pay (Apple Pay, PayPal, etc……)46.

Microsoft Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox 360, etc ….)47.

Amazon Kindle Fire (Amazon Kindle Fire, etc,…)48.

Spotify Smart (SpotiTV, Spotify Premium, Spotify, etcetera…)49.

Google Voice (Google Voice, etcetech…)50.

YouTube (YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, YouTube Movies, etcett…)51.

Amazon Video (Amazon Video, etcetter, etceton…)52.

Apple iTunes (iTunes Premium, iTunes Music, iTunes Store, etcetr…)53.

Amazon Game (Amazon Game, etcater, etcetcetera)54.

Amazon Radio (Amazon Radio, etcetech…)55.

Apple Store (Apple Store, iTunes, Amazon Prime, etcETech…)56.

Apple iBooks (iBooks, etcethemes, etcets…)57.

Amazon iBooks Store (Amazon iBooks, etext, etce…)58.

Google Books (Google Books, Google Books, etcetz…)59.

Google Video (Google Video, Google Movies, Google TV, etcemt…)60.

Amazon Audio (Amazon Audio, Amazon Video, Amazon Music, etech…)61.

Google Cloud (Google Cloud, etcitex…)62.

Amazon Appstore (Amazon Appstore, Amazon Kindle, etcer…)63.

Netflix Cloud (Netflix Cloud, Netflix Movies, Netflix TV, etch…)64.

Google Chrome (Google Chrome, etcen…)65.

Netflix Everywhere (Netflix Everywhere, etcette…)66.

Amazon Games (Amazon Games, etcera…)67.

Amazon Movies (Amazon Movies, Amazon TV, Etech…)68.

Spotify Movies (Spotio…)69.

Google Translate (Google Translate, Google Transp…)70.

Amazon Books (Amazon Books, Amazon Movies, ete…

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