Aussie betting is on fire: What you need to know

cramer markets is the world’s leading provider of sports betting, and has more than 20 million daily bettors across the globe.

Its market research company, The Interactive Brokers (TIB), is a trusted name for bettor insight, and it has long had a close relationship with the AFL.

But this week the AFL has revealed it will no longer allow TIB to use the AFL logo for its betting platform, citing its recent conduct in relation to Cramer markets.AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said it had acted to “remove any association” with the company.

The AFL has been accused of engaging in a “race to the bottom” by a number of its own bettours, with the players association saying the AFL is “playing games” with them by refusing to take them off its platform.

The decision comes after the AFL announced a “significant investment” in TIB in 2016.

The TIB has also worked closely with the NRL, which owns the NRL’s A-League and has also invested in a major bettour provider.

The NRL has also been accused by the NRLPA of taking the money TIB was providing to betterers and selling it to the NRL at a profit.

The Australian bettouring community has been dismayed by the AFL’s move, and some have questioned whether the NRL will be allowed to continue with the TIBs business in the future.

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