Why a smartwatch with a solar battery is so important

When the next Apple Watch comes out, people will have to decide if it’s worth buying a smart watch with solar energy for its battery.

The answer is probably yes.

Disha Marketing News / BuzzFeed News / Getty ImagesDisha is the parent company of fashion retailer Glamour.

In its latest earnings call, it reported that it had reached an agreement to acquire Solaris Group, a maker of energy-efficient wristwatches and wearables.

The company has also been a partner in an agreement with Swiss startup Helios, which has a battery for smartwatches called the Helios Energy Battery.

Glamour is also the parent of the popular fashion-focused beauty site Sephora, which recently reported that its revenue from beauty brands and retailers had risen 35% year over year in the first nine months of 2017.

As with most of its acquisitions, Disha is hoping that the new acquisition will boost its overall financials, and that the sale of Solaris will create jobs for employees at its fashion outlets.

“We are pleased to have entered into this strategic partnership with Helios to help us accelerate our transformation to a sustainable energy-independent brand,” Disha CEO Robert Tisch told investors in a statement.