Which is the most popular perfume?

What is the top-selling perfume in the U.S.?

(And which are the top five?)

 The top-ranked perfume, Cetaphil by Celine, is an almost-silky, slightly floral, scent that is known for its ability to moisturize.

The top scent of the top 10, Estée Lauder by Lisa Marie Presley, is a slightly floral and floral-infused scent.

Both are made by the company Estée, which is owned by French luxury brand LVMH.

Cetaphils is a fragrance for men, women, and children, and Estée has a line called Cetéphale that has been around for decades.

It is not the first time that the top scent is different in each brand.

A few years ago, the top perfume was the one that was popular with older people.

In the early 2000s, it was the top seller in men’s fragrances, and it remained popular through the 2000s.

Then in 2016, it started to fall off the charts.

After some recent events, it looks like Estée is back in the top spot again.

The scent, which has been a longtime favorite of mine, has taken a hit.

When I heard Estée was coming back into the top 5, I thought, I wonder if this is a product that is not only making it’s way into men’s fragrance, but is also being marketed to older people, too?

I decided to find out.

Here are the 10 most popular perfumes: Celine Celine by Cetepolie, a floral and light-toned scent, is popular among younger people, especially among women who have grown up in the ’70s and ’80s.

This fragrance was made by LVMHM, which makes the brand Celine. 

Cetepolic is the second most popular fragrance among women.

It’s made by Estée.

Estée Lauder Cetembre by Lisa, the fragrance made by Céline and made by Coty.

Bergamot Bergamot is the scent that I feel is the hottest this year.

It is not a very sexy scent. 

Lavender Lavender by Guerlain, made by Guerlou, made in China.

Mocha Mocha by Guerilla Fragrance, a fragrance made in Mexico and made in Brazil.

Rose Gold Rose Gold by Guerlica, a scent made in Germany and made out of beeswax.

Lavandeum Lavandeum by Guerly, made out, made from beeswack, made of rose.

Granular Granular by Guerliery, made with lavender and beeswaxy.

Olivier Girard Lavender, a very feminine and feminine-forward scent made out out of lavender.

Porcelain Rose by L’Oreal, made and made for women.

Sour Apple Sour Apple by Parfums & Fragrances Made with a lot of sugar, sugar and sweeteners.

Nivea Nivea by Parfais &amp.; Fragrains Made with vanilla and caramel and a touch of honey.

Almond Almond by Parfet, made for men and women. 

Ginseng Ginseng by Longevity, a spicy, earthy scent.

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