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News24.com: Market update News24: Market Update – September 25, 2018 6:38amA market correction is expected for the Australian dollar in coming days, as investors brace for the prospect of a rate hike by the Reserve Bank.

The US dollar was trading higher in recent trading, with US stocks gaining on Thursday and Friday.

The Australian dollar was also trading higher on Friday, rising 0.7 per cent to 79.25 cents US.

But while the US dollar rallied to around 80 cents US, that was offset by a 1.1 per cent rise in the Australian currency, to 86.35 cents US and a 1 per cent fall in the euro.

“We will be seeing a significant move in the [Australian] dollar over the coming weeks,” the Reserve said in a statement on Thursday.

On Friday morning, the US central bank said it would begin buying bonds, and other major financial institutions were also expected to increase their purchases of US Treasury debt.

The move would also mean that the Federal Reserve will be able to purchase additional bonds at an even greater pace.

There is also talk of a potential rate hike in the coming days from the Reserve.

The RBA said it expected to announce a new interest rate cut in the next few weeks.

What to do if you see a market correction?

The US dollar has risen against a number of currencies over the past few days, particularly the Australian, and is now trading at its highest level since the beginning of the year.

However, it remains volatile in relation to its major rivals.

When is a market drop possible?

Market movements can be unpredictable and unpredictable movements are not uncommon.

Market watchers should pay close attention to market trends and take stock of any changes in the market.

If the market does see a decline, that is usually a signal of weakness in the economy, which can lead to a slowdown.

It is also possible that the economy has not slowed down, and the market is likely to see another round of price rises.

Should you take a sell-off?

The market is often volatile, and it is important to take stock before making a decision to sell, according to Mark Latham, chief market strategist at RBC Capital Markets.

He said markets tend to take a break if they are on a downtrend, but that this usually means they are still gaining or losing, and not being driven by the underlying trends.

As the market looks to recover, a sell can be a sign of weakness, and could signal a selloff in the future.

Are you worried about a market crash?

The risk of a market collapse is high if a sharp correction is imminent, but there is no evidence to suggest that a market breakdown is imminent.

In the case of a sharp market collapse, there is still a good chance the Australian economy will be spared the worst of the impact, with the Federal Government likely to maintain its fiscal stimulus program.


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