Indian stocks rise as market surges to record highs

The Indian stock market has surged to record levels, boosting investor confidence ahead of a key global economic forecast.

India’s Sensex index climbed more than 14% on Friday, its best performance since December, according to FactSet.

The Sensex closed at 14,085.69 on Monday, its highest since December 18, 2012.

The market rally has driven the rupee to its highest level in more than five years.

Investors are betting the rupees can withstand a global shock to the ruashions economy and inflation as it struggles to regain the momentum of a recovery.

The markets have soared to record heights as investors bet the ruahs economy can withstand the shock to ruashion growth and inflation.

The rupee has lost nearly 60% of its value since October, when it hit a record high of 63.55 per dollar.

The rally has helped push the Sensex to its best levels since December 19, 2012, when the ruis economic recovery took off.

India is set to record growth of 4.1% this year, and is expected to reach 5.5% next year.

The country is expected by many economists to grow 2% this quarter.