Google, Apple open sales of wearable tech in China

Google and Apple have agreed to open sales in the country, and the two companies are expected to begin to ship devices in the coming weeks, sources told Reuters on Friday.

The products will be available through the Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba, where they will be sold under the Apple brand.

The announcement comes just over a month after Apple launched its first wearable in China, the Apple Watch, which launched in the city of Hangzhou in the northeastern city of Guiyang on April 4.

Apple has been the first to sell the Apple Watches in China since the Chinese government approved them as an official wearable in March.

The new products are expected launch by the end of the year, and will be rolled out to customers through Alibaba as well as other Chinese retailers, the sources said.

Apple also plans to open its own smartwatch business in China.

Apple is also planning to launch a new smartwatch product called Apple Watch 2 in the second half of the next year, according to the sources, adding that it will use the Apple logo in the watch and its Apple Pay platform to launch its products in China from there.

The devices will also be available in the US, according the sources.

The first Apple Watch was released in September 2014, and Apple launched a second, Apple Watch 3 in October 2015.

The Apple Watch 4 was released last month and will come with a more powerful processor.

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