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Hospitality marketing is booming, and that’s because consumers are more comfortable using the Internet to find, shop, and buy than ever before.MarketWire, a market research firm, released its annual consumer sentiment study of consumer sentiment and activity in the U.S. last week.The survey measured the overall sentiment of consumers in a range of topics from

When the U.S. Dollar Stocks Are Not Growing, Investors Are Still Buying Them

The dollar is a great asset class to own in a world where currencies are rising and global demand is rising.But that’s not what investors want to hear.According to data from Credit Suisse, investors are buying U.s. stocks, but only as long as they believe that the dollar will continue to rise. Investors are buying stocks,

‘Trump is going to be the most popular president’ – CNN

CNN’s Jim Acosta says he expects President Donald Trump will be the biggest name on TV and in politics this year.The president and the Republicans are looking to “get back to their base” after the election, and Trump will “have to take a hard line” against Democrats, Acosta said on “AC360.”“If he can’t do that,

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