Latest NBA market data

The NBA has released the latest market data for the NBA’s calendar year.The data is compiled from the league’s data and media outlets.Here’s the complete list:March 15, 2018:NBA markets:Atlanta Hawks,Charlotte Hornets,Cleveland Cavaliers,Denver Nuggets,Detroit Pistons,Golden State Warriors,Houston Rockets,Indiana Pacers,Los Angeles Lakers,Memphis Grizzlies,Miami Heat,Milwaukee Bucks,Minnesota Timberwolves,New Orleans Pelicans,New York Knicks,Oklahoma City Thunder,Orlando Magic,Philadelphia 76ers,Phoenix Suns,Portland Trail Blazers,Sacramento

Why corn is surging ahead of the 2018 winter season

A corn harvest has been boosted by cooler weather in several Midwestern states.But in the corn market, it’s the opposite: The U.S. Department of Agriculture has reported a 6 percent decline in the number of acres harvested in the fourth quarter of 2018.The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said Friday that the U.P.A. report shows