What the market says about the latest social media marketing trends

Market news portal Recode has analyzed data from the social media and mobile app apps, as well as social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Google, to help marketers and businesses make better decisions about how to spend their marketing dollars.The app has created a dashboard that shows how social media ad spend is affecting

How the US stock market has grown to nearly $800 billion (by Charles Hirschfeld)

How much do we know about the US stocks market?We know how big the market is, how many companies it owns, and how much it’s worth.But it’s not as simple as it sounds.For one, the market isn’t a perfectly marketable asset.It’s a bit like a real estate investment trust or a stock portfolio.Investors have to

How to be a tech startup success story: What the data tells us

The tech industry has become increasingly competitive.The tech sector is the fastest-growing sector in the United States.But its pace of growth has slowed, according to the data that shows how quickly the industry is transforming.The data, from a new study from the Center for Information Technology Policy at George Mason University, shows how fast the