Indian stocks rise as market surges to record highs

The Indian stock market has surged to record levels, boosting investor confidence ahead of a key global economic forecast.India’s Sensex index climbed more than 14% on Friday, its best performance since December, according to FactSet.The Sensex closed at 14,085.69 on Monday, its highest since December 18, 2012.The market rally has driven the rupee to its

How to keep your wallet safe in the event of a bitcoin crash

When you think of a cryptocurrency crash, the first thing that comes to mind is the loss of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency.But what if it’s you?That’s what we’re here to tell you about.The bitcoin market is in a tailspin right now and has been for a while.As a result, many people are considering putting

New Bitcoin ETF to launch in US market

The first Bitcoin ETF will launch in the United States, the first bitcoin ETF to be designed for this market.The new ETF, called the Bitcoin Trust, will allow investors to invest in the cryptocurrency by holding it in a physical, not virtual, form.The Bitcoin Trust will be designed to invest only in the Bitcoin currency,